How to play rummy and win 5 Lacs on Republic day

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How to play rummy and win 5 Lacs on Republic day

Republic Day on January 26 is a special occasion for Indians and adda52 rummy will make this day memorable this year for rummy lovers. January 26 is the first most important event at the start of every year

Republic Day is special because it gave every citizen freedom and right to choose the government for the country. For Adda52 Rummy this is yet another event organised after the patriotic  Independence day. As the Constitution defines the basic fundamental rights for its citizens, We offer freedom for players to play their favorite card game in their desired game variant and liberty of entry to tournament with different criteria

Play rummy and win 5 Lakhs at Republic day Tournament

Adda52rummy is offering a fabulous Republic Tournament with fantastic prize pool of Rs 5,00,000. When we look back, it is a superb journey for Rummy online players till now. It was just 22 carat gold coins in 2016 and the tournament was played between January 16 and 26. Last year, the prize was impressive Rs 2,00,000. The increase in prize pool is two and a half fold and this online platform as usual, sets the bar very high when it comes to giving returns to its rummy players. The figures will always keep moving up on the reliable and safe adda52rummy.
How to play rummy and win 5 Lacs on Republic day

The entry to the finale provides more opportunities through satellites. The Republic Tournament kick-started on the New Year. It is difficult for online rummy players to ignore the tournament of the month. Many have already made it to the finale from satellites.

The events are held over nearly 12 hours and you have choice to choose the timings and earn a ticket to the gala finals on January 26. Every day satellites are held at 12 Noon, 2.30 PM, 4.30 PM, 7.30 PM, 9.30 PM and 11.30 PM. All you need to do is put in Rs 100. You can continue to compete in satellites till January 25. No restrictions on you playing in satellites. Persistence pays and born fighter will never throw in his towel.  For some reason, you cannot make it to the finals, do not feel bad. You can book your slot on the table by paying Rs 1,000. Luck always favors the brave.

Get the Republic Day spirit and play to win cash

As the country unveils its achievements on 70th Republic Day on Rajpath in front of thousands of people in New Delhi and beams the pictures lives to millions on television viewers, you can roll up yours sleeves and get ready for the big tournament of the month. You have tantalizing Rs 5,00,000 prize pool. The day could be yours and bring in all your skills. Yes, skills. Rummy is not a game of chance and you need to show your wares to win the game and good stake on offer.

Adda52rummy is offering Prize pool in real cash. If you are a beginner, you can now to become a pro at how to play rummy. Other conditions like player must avoid unfair game play to qualify and mobile verification is required to register in tournament will apply. Players can call 1800 419 8519 for more details.

Like true Indian, Adda52 Rummy wants to honour the spirit of patriotism and freedom and as usual with whopping Rs 5,00,000. No card game lover would like to be out of it. Enjoy the spirit and hope to be the winner and pocket hefty money. Visit and get enrolled for republic day tournament

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