Play The Electrifying Cash Game Winter Warriors @Adda52Rummy

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Play The Electrifying Cash Game Winter Warriors @Adda52Rummy

Welcome to Winter Warriors, the splendid online rummy event planned to turn up the excitement this winter.  Happening from 6th November to 29th November, the event offers a knockout prize of Rs.1, 20,000/-!!

Dished out weekly, the mind boggling Instant Bonus amounts add to the thrill of the event. And that is not all. There are daily prizes being distributed too with 1st prize pegged at Rs. 5000, 2nd prize at Rs. 3000 and the 3rd at Rs.2000. With such inviting cash prizes at stake, it is quite difficult for an online rummy player to stay away from the Winter Warriors rummy game!!!

The event will include both 13 card tables and 21 card tables. More than eight tables will be available for players through the event and the hands count is 100+ games each day.

Winter Warriors at adda52Rummy, the milestone making rummy site!

Convert your skills into loyalty points at rummy online! With such enticing details, any devotee of online rummy will willingly assume the role of Winter Warrior! To truly make war on competition at the rummy tables, skill is the most important aspect. It is skill that will secure loyalty points for players. And it is loyalty points which will lead to the huge cash prizes being offered. Higher the loyalty points and the game ratio, greater are the chances of winning at Winter Warriors game.Play The Electrifying Cash Game Winter Warriors @Adda52Rummy

How calculates loyalty points and game ratio:

To calculate ranking, loyalty points are divided by the multiplier values of the games played. For example 2 games which have high multipliers can fetch you 100 loyalty points. At the same time 10 games which have low multipliers will also get you the same 100 loyalty points. And if you are playing 2 games which are low multipliers you will get 50 loyalty points. When ranking, the value is calculated as per the formula mentioned and the two games played on high multiplier will be given first rank, followed by that 10 multiplier games and so on. The prize amount of Rs.10, 000/- is then distributed amongst top 3 players as per their ranking. And not to keep the suspense lengthy, winners are announced within 3 working days.

For such challenging events, it is only imperative to have an eligibility criteria. For the Winter Warrior Game at, the criteria is that players need to play at least 100 or more hands every day.

To cut a long story short, the Winter Warrior tournament truly stands out as an exemplary rummy online game this season by

Like always, the site encourages fair play in rummy online and urges players to avoid unfairness to qualify for the promotion. With the festive season continuing well into December this is indeed a good time for the Winter Warrior event. If you are good at rummy online, then why wait?

Turn into a rummy warrior now! Click here to Register for the Winter Warrior rummy tournament right away!!

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