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Our country is gearing up for the festive season. Along with that, everyone is also eagerly waiting to indulge themselves in a good game of cards. Although, if this year you are trying to distance yourself socially and are planning to stay home, do not worry!


While you learn and try new strategies, you can also explore the different variants of rummy. Play all the variants and find the one that you are best at.

At Adda52rummy, we have the following versions for an online rummy game:


  • Points Rummy


A popular variant of rummy, points rummy is one of the most played versions both online and offline. Most card lovers in the country are aware of this game and its rules.

In this variant of rummy, players play for points with a pre-decided rupee value. To win this game, you need to make the first valid declaration with zero points. A quick and easy variant of the rummy game, this is fun to play!

It is played between 2-6 players with 2 decks of cards, including one printed joker per deck. The game starts with a toss, which decides which player will make the first move. The joker card is chosen at random at the beginning of each game. If the printed joker card is chosen as the joker for the game, any suit’s ace card can be used in a set or sequence. 

This game aims to arrange all the 13 cards in-hand in sequences or sequences and sets. Note that you must use at least two sequences to declare, one of which should be a pure sequence!

  • Pools Rummy

Also known as syndicate among rummy circles, pools rummy is a popular variant of rummy. There are two formats of this intriguing game: 101 and 102 pool rummy.

101 Pool Rummy

This game’s essence is that you need to score the least possible points and avoid reaching the elimination points. So, score as less as possible! If you drop at the beginning of the game, you will earn a penalty of 20 points. In case of a middle drop, you will get 40 penalty points. For a successful declare, you need to have two sequences. Out of these, one has to be a pure sequence compulsorily.

201 Pool Rummy

Like the 101 pool rummy, you will earn penalty points if you opt for a drop. But in 201 pool rummy, you will get 25 points for the first drop and 50 points for the middle drop. First-hand show yields a maximum of 40 points for the rest of the players in this game. You can make an impure and pure sequence and win the game. 

Note that you will get eliminated in 201 pool rummy if you earn 201 points or above. So, beware and play strategically!


  • Deals Rummy


When you play online rummy games, do try a hand at deals rummy. With a complex set of rules and strategies, it is a challenging but exciting game. Although time taking, you can gain a win by concentrating hard. 

This interesting game is played with a deck of 53 cards, including a printed joker card. You will be dealt with 13 cards to play the game. 2 to 6 players can play this game at once. Remember that if a printed joker springs out as the random wild card in deals rummy, then the ace of any suit is used as a joker.

Your aim should be to create sets and sequences. Ensure that you have the least number of points to win the game. Avoid getting more than 80 points in deals rummy; otherwise, you will lose the game. Also, remember, unlike the other variants of rummy, the drop option is not available in deals rummy. Keep these rules in your mind and aim for a big win!

Become Master of All, Jack of None

At Adda52Rummy, you will find all these versions of rummy. Try your hand at each and practice the one that you like most. We offer exciting cash prizes for our tournaments and cash games. This Diwali, compete with your friends online and win big with brushed-up rummy skills.

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