A Ready Reckoner for the first time to Play Rummy Online

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A Ready Reckoner for the first time to Play Rummy Online


So, you have been playing offline for a while and want to try out the online version. But apprehensive about how to play rummy online and the whole experience? Well, let us assure you that both offline rummy and online rummy are pretty similar with the latter being more exciting and rewarding. Look around and you’ll know. The sheer craze for the card game is a testimony to how much people love playing it online be it on their mobiles or any other smart device. It’s convenient, quick and you can earn cash online by winning. If you play on Adda52Rummy chances are you won’t just win but save big on your winnings too. Simply convert real money to Adda Chips and save big.

If you are above to play rummy for the first time then here is what you need to know:

Learn, practice and get perfect

There is no iota of doubt there. If this is your first-time experience then it is recommended to play as many practice games to improve your skills and gain confidence. Practice games are free and there is no one to judge you on how you’re enhancing your game style. The internet is full of articles and blogs on how to play rummy and demo videos and tutorials to help the new entrants to the online world of rummy. Get rummy tips and tricks and use them in your practice games and when you are confident of entering cash games, jump in.

Don’t have a good hand? Drop  

If you are not dealt a good hand then fret not. Ace players never let their face distort because of emotions. A good strategy here is to try to make a pure sequence if possible, if not then make use of joker and even if the wild cards can’t save you then the best way is to quit the game. There is no point in lingering on and waiting for opponents to discard their cards in hopes of getting that one card that can change your game. Don’t wait too long for that one card.

A valid declaration is crucial

Many beginners end up committing this mistake. Don’t be in a haste to declare just because you sense that your opponents are about to declare. For all you know, they might be manipulating you. Always check and re-check whether your cards are arranged in the requisite sequence or set and only then press the button. Otherwise, you can lose a win, and what a sheer waste of luck and skill would that be.

It’s quick, you gotta be quicker

Online Rummy is definitely faster than offline version and you have to match up to it. It keeps you on the edge prompting quick decisions and moves out of you. There is a heady mix of concentration, constant analysis, observation, and strategy that goes into gameplay. Once you have entered a table, there is no looking back. You have to play and play quick. And faster games mean you get to play more. Now, who wouldn’t that?

Are you ready for cash and rewards?

The reason to switch to online rummy for many people is to earn money. Sure, playing rummy online can get you rewards like instant cash on registration, welcome bonus on first deposit and big cash prizes to be won on daily tournaments but start playing only when you are ready. Follow a daily or weekly budget to be used for playing cash games online to manage your expenses.

Calm and composed wins the game

Rummy can never be won if you are restless or agitated. Never enter a table if you are feeling foggy in your head as that would impede your decision-making process. If you go slow in your head, there is no way you can win a game of rummy. As mentioned above it is a fast game that needs a high level of focus and devotion. You can’t afford to be distracted or mentally unavailable even for a fraction of second as that could cost you.

The fear of uncharted territory always has pulled us back but at the same time intrigued us too. Till the time you’ve experienced something firsthand, there will always be a sense of unease. Take the first step today, throw your inhibitions to the wind and switch to online rummy and make your life exciting. 

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