Why is Rummy Card Game the star of Indian house parties?

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A deck of cards is always considered as bare essentials whenever there is a house party or occasion in India. With the current scenario, social parties at pubs & restaurants are moving to home hosted dinners or parties, so people are finding unique ways of indoor entertainment. Rummy card games have always been among the top choices in the popular sources of entertainment as they are fun to play with and any age group can easily learn to play rummy. Often, people find rummy as a good excuse to bond with their peers and family.

Let’s check out why card games like rummy are so popular in Indian house parties:

Challenge Quotient

As fun and entertaining the rummy card game is, it is also a dynamic game which requires wise strategies and smart moves in order to win. This challenging quotient of rummy brings out the competitiveness among your kins and promotes spontaneity. You need to remain focused and calm when you play rummy as you have to plot out the best strategy to win. You can challenge your buddies for a few quick rummy sessions and decide a winning prize for the winner. Now you can even host virtual house parties connecting with your loved ones over online rummy games at Adda52Rummy and win amazing cash prizes.

Perfect Ice-breaker

Rummy games are the perfect choice for house parties as they give your guests a chance to interact, laugh and get to know each other. Almost everyone is familiar with rummy games and while some people find it awkward to express themselves at social occasions, rummy games offer a comfortable space for everyone to express their thoughts and ideas. New bonds can be made with rummy and people can find common interests. Rummy promotes healthy communication.

Learn new skills

Skills and rummy go hand in hand as rummy is a skill-based game which requires focus and sharp memory. During the gameplay, you need to execute your moves in such a way that you are able to meld your cards into valid sets and sequences. The player who is first to achieve the objective, is declared as the winner. You are also required to keep a close eye on your opponents’ moves and try to analyse their strategies so that you can plot your moves accordingly and outwit them. You have to be quick in decision making and assess your cards accurately. Such skills are of great importance when facing real-life situations.

Sense of belonging

When you play card games like rummy with your friends and family, it strengthens your bonds of love, care and affection. Imagine you are playing rummy with your friend circle and you see your friend losing and getting disheartened. You will feel the urge to give him or her the necessary push to level-up their game. By all means, when you play rummy card games with family and friends, you look-out for one another. This promotes a sense of belonging and fades away any form of stress in your relationships.

So go ahead and organize the most exciting house party for the upcoming weekend! But don’t forget to include the star of every Indian House party, the most rewarding rummy card game. And, if nothing works for you, then call in your friends for a virtual house party and play online rummy games at Adda52Rummy! 

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