Is Rummy gambling or game of skill, know the facts

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Is Rummy gambling or game of skill, know the facts

Laavani and Snehashish are graduates busy in hunting job. They decided to take a break from their job hunt and indulge in some indoor game. Laavani said they were like “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. She suggested that they play rummy as she had a pack of cards with her and the game would improve their concentration power and analytical skills.  But Snehashish insisted on playing chess as he had chess board with him. Laavani hated chess and considered it boring. On the other hand, Snehashish, a chess buff, argued that Rummy is gambling and he will never play and his parents will be angry.

Supreme Court has declared Rummy Online legal

However, Laavani was not willing to take it lying down and insisted that the Supreme Court has held that Rummy as a game of skill as it required memorizing the sequence. But Snehashish was adamant and still insisted that this is gambling. Finally, they agreed upon one thing—discuss the issue with their favourite gym trainer. The two had immense confidence in her and solve most of their problems. They would trust her as she was their trouble-shooter.

Is Rummy gambling or game of skill, know the factsNext day after the gym, two rushed to trainer and drew her attention to the argument they had. She first made it clear to Snehashish that his views were wrong and the Supreme Court had ruled that it is a game of skill and not chance.

Still Snehashish was not willing to accept and the teacher said she will explain as to how Rummy is a game of skill. Trainer told that the game is being played in most parts of the world for nearly 200 years and there are variants in it. Many play it for relaxation and some do bet while playing rummy gameThe trainer, who is a regular player at adda52 rummy, explained the process, benefits, amazing offers and the gaming experience to Snehashish to convince him that it is a game of skill.

As Snehashish was a greenhorn, she explained how the game is played. First a pack of cards is shuffled and then distributed to the players. “The basic aim in all forms of offline/online rummy is to create books which involves sets i.e., three or more cards of same suit; or three or four cards of the same rank in the sequence.  The player distributing the cards will vigorously shuffle the cards, thereby diminishing the chances of luck favouring one player. Hence, the skill will play an important role, she emphasised.Is Rummy gambling or game of skill, know the facts

But Snehashish was not impressed and the trainer decided to go in more detail. Trainer said: “By my experience, I can say that the chance can be in the beginning of the game. The player has to keep his cool and remain focused for him to win.”

Rummy, a skill based Game

She did not forget to highlight that the players need analytical and mathematical skills to make the deal in the game. Even sequencing is an art and one can master through regular practice.  In any sport, winning or losing are two sides of the coin. But players play to win and not allow rivals to walk away with honours. Rummy is no different, she said.

The player needs to watch out rivals moves and counter whenever possible in physical format. “You need to analyse what is on the mind of your opponent. Reading his face is also an art,” she told Snehashish.

Laavani had a broad smile on her face like a victorious man in a tournament.  Being regular online player, she taught  the two on nuances of  how to play rummy online and its benifits to win cash.

By now its clear that rummy is not gambling. And it is a skill based game, a mind sport. Visit adda52rummy to indulge in best online rummy gaming and win cash. Register now and avail amazing bonus offers

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