Rummy Game vs Chess – Battle of Brain Games

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Rummy Game vs Chess - Battle of Brain Games

Rummy and chess are both very popular games in India however, they belong to completely different worlds. Categorically, both rummy and chess are known as brain games or skill-based games. Chess is played between two players on a checkerboard with light and dark squares. Each player is given 16 pieces that play their own significant role in the game. On the other hand, rummy is a card game which involves a deck of cards having different face values. Both these games are similar and different in their own ways, but the question of the hour is which is better? Let’s do an interesting comparison between rummy game and chess:

The Thrill factor

When it comes to online rummy, the thrill level is always heightened as the cards are hidden and the moves are not pre-determined. Each move and card plays a significant role in the game. The thrill increases with the span of time and you get to witness superior gameplay. However, you can learn a thing or two about your opponents’ cards by deploying the concepts of probability or by just prior experience of playing online rummy game. Rummy is a social game which is fun and entertaining to play.

In the case of chess, the entire game strategy depends on the other player’s moves. As you can see how your opponent is playing with their pieces it is easier to guess their strategy. This decreases the thrill factor to an extent and the game becomes monotonous with the span of time.

The Variety

When you play rummy games online, you are spoilt for choice. Online rummy is known for variety, it gives rummy players a wide range of choices to choose their favorite rummy variant. Moreover, the option to choose between low stakes or high stakes rummy tables and the multiplayer options give online rummy card games an upper hand over Chess.

In chess, there is no variety. The gameplay is always the same with no possible variations. It is meant to be played between two players only. In the brain-challenging board game of chess the players have to follow the same set of rules and the exact arrangement of pieces.

The Challenge

Both chess and rummy are known as brain games as they challenge your mind to think deeper and devise smart strategies to secure a win. When you play rummy game online, your objective is to meld your cards into valid sequences and sets. You have to use your skills and tactics in order to outwit your opponents. Along with this, you even have to figure out a pattern of your opponent’s gameplay based on their discards and picks. This enhances your thinking capabilities and helps you in making wise decisions.

Chess also involves a strategic approach as you must use each piece to its fullest potential. As the function of every piece is different, you have to target your opponent’s most prominent pieces and remove them from the game. The ultimate objective in chess is to beat the opponent’s king and save yours. Chess is a game of super-colossal framework which further makes the game more challenging and complicated.


It is true that playing both chess and rummy offer a lot to learn but an added advantage with rummy is that it also offers a lot to earn. You can earn some of the biggest cash prizes when you play online rummy cash games or rummy cash tournaments. Moreover, you can enjoy a lucrative Welcome Bonus of up to ₹10,250 along with Free tourney tickets worth ₹10 lakh on your first rummy deposit at This definitely amps up the fun and excitement of online rummy game. It feels great when you are rewarded for your skills. 

There is no doubt that there are many mental benefits of chess as it enhances your memory and sharpens your mind but the same benefits are offered by online rummy, along with a top-up of cash rewards.

Well, brain games like rummy and chess are both beneficial in their own ways. Despite their similarities and differences, one thought that both share in common is “Winning comes with practice.” With rummy, your mind becomes richer as well as your wallets. So get on the rummy cash tables now to win amazing prizes.

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