Adda52 Rummy flourishes with rummy leaderboard

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Adda52 Rummy flourishes with rummy leaderboard

Traffic or the number of visitors to a site is a barometer for judging its popularity. Adda52 rummy has won hands down if growing popularity of Leaderboard, introduced just a few months ago is any indication. Leaderboard has conquered card game lovers
Rummy Leaderboard is a clear leader as it is unique in few respects.

  • The foremost among them is it is easy to participate in the tournaments.
  • Buy-in for daily, weekly and monthly leaderboard is lot more easier than other sites.
  • Then, the probability of winning the stakes comes. The chances of winning are much higher on adda52rummy than any other site.
  • The list of winners–over 600 winners in till date–is a mirror to this claim.
  • Adda52 rummy wants more to win and walk away with prize money.
  • Also, leaderboard gives plenty of opportunities for players to exhibit their skills and win money on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Adda52 Rummy flourishes with rummy leaderboardAmerican businessman, chemical engineer and author Jack Welch told once “Number one, cash is king, number two, is to communicate and number three, bury or buy the game/competition.”

The quote fits like a shot for leaderboard. Yes number one is cash because there are plenty of opportunities to win big in Online Rummy. You communicate more as you interact with the best and top class players on high stake tables. The chances of getting closer to top notch industrialists or businessmen are pretty high as the player will compete daily to top the leaderboard. The third is you need to compete hard to stay ahead of others. If you do not, you will be buried.

Why leaderboard on adda52 rummy is growing in popularity?

It tests the skills of players and gives an opportunity to play in best of the cash game tables. Also, more games will remove rough edges in your playing skills. More the merrier, goes the saying. If you play well, you will continue to win good money in leaderboard. You also accumulate points that will propel you to the top of the table.
The player will have to plan his moves well in leaderboard. Time required for finishing rummy games vary for different variants. It is advisable to opt for playing fastest format, preferably points, in the leaderboard.
The buy-ins and prize pool vary for daily, weekly and monthly. For weekly, and monthly, cumulative buy-in is considered.
If you are a rummy game lover and had not participated in Leaderboard, then you must try this soon.
Register at adda52rummy and start playing now!

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