Rummy on Mobile – Win Cash With these 7 Tips

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Are you having a dull day? No worries. Make your day interesting with a good round of rummy. This exciting and enjoyable game can uplift anyone’s mood. Especially if you stand a chance to win some cash, then why not?

Just download rummy on mobile and start playing! For cash games, you must brush up your rummy skills since a lot of money can be at stake. 

We have come up with these tips that will help you win any game you play:


  • Play the Game You Are Best At


Always play the game that you are best at, or learn new versions of rummy and practice. At Adda52Rummy, you can enjoy free games for practice and make the most of them!  You get free chips to play. This prepares you for the real cash rummy games. 

If you plan to compete in a tournament, pick a game that you are confident about. Play the game with focus as in rummy; if you miss one move, it can cost you heavily! The key to winning the game and money is to understand and analyze every move of your opponent. 


  • Learn The Game Well


Even if you are an expert in rummy, you must keep increasing your knowledge about the game. With a constant reminder of the game’s rules and strategies, it will become impossible for you to lose. 

In-depth knowledge also helps in trying new and unique ways of winning the game. When you play on rummy app and compete in an online game, you will come across millions of players with different rummy skills applying distinctive strategies. To match up to that level of competition, keep in mind the basics of rummy.


  • Know When To Quit


An experienced rummy player knows when to quit the game. It is vital to weigh your winning and losing chances. If you know that you do not have a winning hand at the beginning of the game itself, then it is better to quit.

Rummy websites like ours allow you to drop out of the game whenever you want to. Playing with a bad hand can cost you if you are playing a cash game! Drop out before you face unnecessary losses.


  • Get Rid of Your High Points Cards


Avoid making a wrong judgment. Players make the mistake of holding onto their high-value cards like kings, queens, and aces. This method is followed to wait for a sequence or a set to form.  But doing this is a massive mistake. 

These cards carry a lot of points with them, and as you already know, you need to score the least amount of points in order to win. So, discard the high points cards as quickly as possible. Unless you are entirely sure that you have the right cards to make a great sequence or a set, get rid of them.


  • Group Your Cards & Use Joker Card Wisely


After the cards have been dealt with, make sure that you re-arrange the cards in your hand. If there is a possible sequence or set, you should group them together. Once the game starts and you have to pick cards from the open deck, keep arranging the ones in your hand accordingly. It will be easier to create melds.

Try and avoid using a wild card joker to form a pure sequence. Instead, use it to complete another set or sequence. Or you can use them to create a sequence or set with your high-value cards.


  • Keep an Eye on Your Opponents


Make sure to track your opponent’s moves. Keep an eye on the cards that they are discarding. Even when you play online rummy on mobile, you can check the cards in the discard pile. Doing so will help you get a hint of the cards that they may be holding. Strategize your game accordingly. 

Make astute decisions about discarding your own cards. Because if you have a card that you think will help your opponent make a sequence, it will be wise not to discard it. Your opponent will also have their eyes on your cards. Try to confuse your opponent when you discard any card.


  • Make a Pure Sequence Fast


A winning strategy in rummy is to make a pure sequence as quickly as possible. For this, you should hold on to your middle cards. They are your best-friends in rummy. Never let them go unless necessary. These versatile cards can help you create your sequences and sets much faster. Avoid setting your mind on one particular sequence. Always keep your options open as you can never know what cards you will draw. 

Follow these tips and gain a big win!

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