Rummy Players have a new way to Contribute for Flood Relief

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Rummy Players have a new way to Contribute for Flood Relief

God’s own Country- the state of Kerala & Coorg, which was known as the Scotland of India is under unprecedented crisis. Kerala is a South Indian state which is popular worldwide as a destination of beautiful beaches, majestic backwaters, and natural green landscapes. It is considered a paradise on earth which is gifted with picturesque lagoons, rivers, and canals.

This beautiful state is right now facing the worst natural calamity in 100 years. Heavy monsoon rains, landslides, and flash floods have damaged residential areas, roads, bridges, and farms. More than 300 people have lost their lives and around 5 Lac people have been displaced so far.

Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a South Karnataka district which is badly affected by the flood and landslides. Crops have been damaged due to incessant rain and strong winds. In many areas, houses are destroyed and completely submerged under water.

More than 3 Lac people are staying in relief camps right now. Hundreds of people are still marooned int different areas including locals and tourists who are waiting to get rescued. Many of them are trapped on trees and rooftops of their flooded homes. Due to lack of power supply and fuel shortage, there are no vehicle movements which is making rescue work more difficult.

Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Disaster Response Forces are working around the clock to restore normalcy in the state. Eight of the 14 districts of Kerala have been badly affected by the floods. Some of the worst-hit sites are Wayanad, Idukki, Thammarassery, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Munnar, and Vythiri. The rescue teams are still struggling to reach remote areas and rescue stranded people as most of the major connecting roads are blocked by landslides.Rummy Players have a new way to Contribute for Flood Relief

Adda52 Rummy pledge to rescue and relief for Flood Victims

People from all walks of life are contributing and donating monetary funds to provide relief to the flood-ravaged state. You can also help Kerala & Coorg get back on its feet. Adda52 Rummy has come up with a new way to contribute to flood relief

Flood Relief Tournament at Adda52 Rummy

Adda52 Rummy is organizing “Flood Relief Tournament” at 6 pm on August 31st for Prize pool of Rs.50,000. Players can join the tournament with just Rs.50 buy-in. The prize pool will increase with rise in the number of participants. Adda52 Rummy’s aim is to get as many as 5000 players registered for the tournament to ensure maximum contribution towards relief fund.

The total amount to be donated by Adda52 Rummy for the FLood Relief is up to Rs.50,000.

For every player participating in this tournament, Adda52 Rummy will donate Rs. 50 as the relief fund

This is an effort to help rebuild the lives of the affected people. These people don’t have shelter, water, food, medicine, clothes, power, and fuel. These people have lost their families, homes, and livelihood. They are searching for their loved ones and also struggling to provide for their remaining family members’ needs.

There has been a huge loss of human lives, property, livestock, businesses, and crops in Kerala & Coorg. Adda52 Rummy is urging its users to contribute generously towards this social initiative. Let us all come together in order to provide relief to these unfortunate people.

Play Rummy at adda52 rummy and support for a cause. Join hands together. Your help will save one’s life..

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