Score a Win: How to Play Rummy Card Games Brilliantly

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Festive season is here, but it does not feel the same. Does it? There’s no excitement of exchanging gifts, visiting your loved ones, greeting and wishing people or sharing laughter and joy this year. More than anything else, no hanging out with friends and playing the customary rummy.

But we have the ideal solution to your problem. At Adda52Rummy, you can virtually hang out with your friends and play rummy. Let the festive season feel like a celebratory one! 

However, if you think your online rummy skills are rusty, do not worry. Read on to find the basic online rummy game rules to refresh your memory, as well as tips to champion the game and win:

Basic Online Rummy Game Rules

  1. The game is played by 2-6 players. If there are two of you playing the game, one deck of cards will be used. Otherwise, two decks will be used.
  2. Every player gets 13 cards, which are visible to individual players only. 
  3. A minimum of one pure sequence and one impure sequence is required to win the game.
  4. The goal is to make a valid declare as quickly as possible. If you become the first player to do so, you will win the game fair and square!

Note: At Adda52Rummy, the player score is calculated as soon as a valid declare is made. The scores are calculated for all the losing players as well. The score of the win is calculated based on the points accumulated by the defeated players. 

  1. The points for all the unmelded cards are calculated. In case you hold no sequence in your hand, all the cards in hand will be taken for point calculation. In the event where you are losing and have one pure and one impure sequence, only unmatched cards will be counted. Losing players can accumulate a maximum of 80 points per game. 
  2. A sequence consists of 3 or more cards of the same rank. The joker and wild cards cannot be used to form a pure sequence. 
  3. A set is made up of 3 or 4 cards of different suits (colors) but of the same rank. Like three aces or four 7’s. You can use a joker card to form a set.

Steps Followed in Rummy Game


  • Choose a table that you want to join when you play online rummy. Make sure that you select the variant of rummy you are most comfortable with and wish to play!
  • After the cards are dealt to each player, the first card of the discard pile is selected. Automatically, it becomes the wild card joker card.
  • Then, you should arrange your cards to see which ones you should keep in hand and which ones you should discard. Strategize in a manner that you can complete the melding of all cards in hand into valid sets and sequences.


  • At your turn, point your cursor to the top card in the discard pile or the top card from the stockpile. Then, discard one of the cards in your hand to the discard pile. In this way, you can maintain the 13 cards in hand.
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