Six Practical Tips to Win Big in Online Rummy Game

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Six Practical Tips to Win Big in Online Rummy Game

Online Rummy game in India is a simple card game. The 13 card Rummy game, which is a popular form of the game is widely played in India. It does not take too long to finish the table, but this simple game of chance demands to acquire certain skill set to excel and gain competitive edge over your competitors. As in the case of the cards, your moves also have to match your luck to build that perfect meld and become a winner in the game of Rummy.

Mentioned here are a few practical Rummy tips to win big in this simple card of game.

1- Target to achieve a pure sequence

The first and foremost thing that every professional rummy player target is to achieve a pure sequence of cards. Try to achieve a sequence of three or more cards from the same suit, without which the game of rummy cannot be declared finished. The next priority should be to achieve a non-pure sequence. In the attempt to achieve this sequence, try to make a sequence that can be manipulated easily. Even if, it does not seem favorable just do not give up.

2- Count to achieve less points

In online rummy, it always pays to give up cards of higher values. Hence, you should never obsess over any card or suit. You should aim to be the first to finish the game with zero points before anybody else declares. Keep on counting your points to amass as lesser points as possible. It is better to lose with less points in online rummy games.

3- Don’t take the Joker for a joke

In online Indian Rummy, playing with the Jocker is a regular practice. Especially in 13 cards rummy game, the Jocker plays a very important role. The best thing with Jocker is that it does not carry any point, hence do not add up to the total value of the combination. You should never underestimate its importance. You can use the Jocker to complete your two sequences. The Jocker can be combined with higher value cards and it helps you reduce the number of points in your hand. This is the best advice to win in rummy game – Do not take the Jocker for a joke.

4- Watch, watch & watch

When you play rummy online, the same basic rules apply and the most basic of them is to keep a sharp watch on the moves of other players. Whether you are playing against one opponent or more, you must have to watch which cards are being left behind. Try to visualize, build a mental sequence of sets or runs and memorise what other players could possibly try.

5- Play decisively

This means, you should not be easy to read for your opponents. Remember that alike you, others are also watching your moves closely. The one who plays the most decisive game has the highest advantage of winning. You cannot stop them from knowing which cards you are discarding, but you can check them from tracking which cards you are keeping. You can do this by picking more from the hidden deck and avoid the discarded heap unless and otherwise you fetch the perfect finish.

6- Keep Calm & Don’t lose your Patience

Rummy is a pure game of strategy and luck. While you can do the best to plan the best strategy, rest you have to leave upon your luck. In due course, you should never lose your calm. Most of the professional Rummy players in India win because they do not lose their calm. Just be patient enough to reap the best out of that golden moment and win big out of your Rummy endeavor.

Online Rummy in India is an increasing popular form of entertainment that cam also fetch you big in terms of rewards and prizes. It is huge in terms of both participation and cash flow. If winning is in your mind, these professional Rummy tips will help you reap the best out of your time and money.

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