Six Ways to Become A Professional Rummy Player in India

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Six Ways to Become A Professional Rummy Player in India

Online Rummy in India is slowly and gradually becoming a trend these days. Some play just for fun, while many are so very passionate about the game that one day they want to be known as a famous and professional rummy player in India. Why not, when Rummy can give you name and fame both, there is no harm trying your luck out and make it your next career option (either full or part time).

Ever thought how can you become a professional in this game? Well, there is no magic trick that you can apply to become an overnight Rummy star, but to grab all the eyeballs, first you need to know the basics of the game and going forward, practice with the tips and tricks of this ever so interesting game to take it to the next level. And you never know, your name could appear right there at the top in the list of Top Indian Rummy professionals.

So, let us explore what it takes to become a professional and play Rummy in India like never before.

Reading Mind of Your Opponent

Always remember as a professional to closely monitor the cards discarded by the opponents. It may sometimes be confusing to you by the cards that are picked and discarded by some players. The amateur players may sometime pick up the cards that are of least significance to them and may discard the cards that the opponent is dying for. So it is important to differentiate between a professional and an amateur in the table.

Power of Picking Cards

As a professional rummy player you know that reading the cards in one of the best way to overpower your opponents. But there are chances that your opponent also does the same.  This is when you really have to be smart. While picking your cards, make sure that you pick up from the closed deck at first so that your competitors have minimal idea on the cards you are holding.

Learn the Art of Bluffing

You know there are professional rummy players who confuse other players by bluffing when you try to read their hands. You should not mistake such players for an amateur or a non professional. Differentiate the professional player and an amateur and you can be successful in reading the hands of your opponents. If you have an overview on what cards your competitors are holding, you will have an extra edge in winning the game.

Play the Tricks Right

You can trick your opponents by picking up cards constantly from the open deck. This will make an impression that you are about to win the game. Being a professional rummy player is all about making right decisions in the correct point of time.

Fold Wisely and Smartly

Folding is an intelligent move to decrease your points. As a professional Indian rummy player, you should always find ways to improve your hands and keep on playing. Once you are a wise player, you will know when to fold your hand. There are professional players who fold their hands before making the first move which helps them to gain minimum points. You get more points if you fold your hands after making a move, still if you figure that you are unable to make finish the game after a certain point of time it is optimal to fold your cards.

Thrust Aside Cards

Well, this is one basic rule that you should always know and follow, but to be a professional rummy player you need to know what cards you should get rid of. While you keep it a side, you should make sure that the card is of least importance to you or your competitor. You can know about the status of the cards that your opponent is holding by taking a close look into the discard section and also the open deck.

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