How skill-based games can improve mental agility?

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How skill-based games can improve mental agility?

A skill-based game puts your brain to test by giving you exposure to complex and unpredictable situations. It improves mental agility and kick-starts neural regeneration and reconnection. It’s like a power bank that charges your ‘brain battery’ to stimulate cognitive skills. Playing games like online rummy challenges your mental horsepower, giving you a chance to deal with nail-biting situations and emerge as a real winner. From playing bluff tricks to decoding the opponents’ moves, your mind goes through a ton of thoughts that generate new brain cells and facilitate better connectivity among the different brain regions.

Playing skill-based games like rummy can enhance mental skills such as memory, attention span, spatial intelligence, observation ability, and coordination. Let’s do a deep dive to understand the importance and benefits of skill-based games:

  • Reasoning & Planning: Lack of reasoning and planning is the main reason behind making bad decisions in life and falling behind the competition. Rummy can help you improve problem-solving skills, enable you to relate to real-life concepts, and improve reasoning and planning skills in a much better way. In the heat of competition, it’s quite natural for players to make instantaneous decisions in response to the opponents’ moves. Sometimes these decisions turn out to be fruitful, but sometimes these can make you lose. Whether you win or lose, you can evaluate the result of each move you have made in the past game and work consistently to come out with better planning in the next time.
  • Boosts IQ level: There is a significant correlation between skill-based games and human IQ. Skill-based games like rummy will enable you to constantly improve yourself in a way that doesn’t feel tedious. If you feel like your IQ level is constantly narrowing and you are unable to find new challenges to flex your mental muscles, it’s time to play rummy online. You can boost your intelligence and emotional quotient in a fun and engaging way. From remembering opponents’ cards in hand to the cards drawn from the open pile, you can train your brain to challenge the speed and focus of your memory and stimulate intelligence as well as emotional quotient.
  • Builds Self-Confidence: To win in any skill-based game, you need to have logical thinking along with patience. The feeling of accomplishment after winning a game boosts confidence and helps in growing into a more well-rounded and confident person in real life. You play with players having different mindsets and stay connected to a community of professionals and experts. You can feel uncomfortable in new communities initially, but after some time you will become comfortable and a valued member.
  • Makes Your Brain Adaptive: The biggest secret for maintaining brain vitality is finding something that can challenge us constantly and provide a chance to grow. Playing rummy can allow you to overcome the ‘limitations’ you have in your mind and make you adaptable to different situations. The more you compete, the more you win, the more sky-high limits you will set for yourself. This approach will help you a lot in real-life scenarios as well. It will be much easier for you to deal with tricky situations in real-life because you have learned the art of adaptability and worked on the transversal improvement of your skills.
  • Sharpens Memory: Playing skill-based games is like a healthy habit that keeps mental health in check and provides synergistic benefits. Skill-based games that require you to react to a tricky situation or to recall information while you’re in the middle of taking any action are the best. According to a study, it is found that such activity can allow you to cope better with distractions while retrieving information. While playing online rummy, you react to opponent’s moves, calculate their melding combination, and remember the cards they have drawn from the open pile. Doing all these things together in a complex game environment is a good mental exercise for retaining information for the long haul. This strengthens neural connections, sharpens memory, and improves other grey matter functions.

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