Things to know about experienced Indian Rummy players

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Things to know about experienced Indian Rummy players

“If you play your cards right things are going to happen in the long run. In the short run, it is anybody’s guess.” A famous quote encapsulates the spirit of Rummy well. And it holds true for both players playing Indian rummy for the first time and the rummy veterans. People who’ve just started to play or the ones who’ve been playing for long and have enough strategies and tricks up their sleeve. Of course, strategies differ from player to player but the basics that separate an experienced player from a rookie are very perceptible. And only the well-versed will know of those manoeuvres. So what is it that differentiates experienced rummy players from the initiates and what do you need to know about it? Let’s explore below:

Play the Joker Card well

The best strategy to use the Joker card in Indian rummy game is to club it with your other cards to minimise points. A smart rummy player would use the Joker card with let’s say Jack and Queen to make a sequence rather than use it with 2 and 3 of Spades so even on losing the sum total of points remains lower which is what you need to win.

Strategise from the start

One of the approaches that experienced Indian rummy players follow right at the start of the game is to arrange the cards dealt and focus on forming a pure sequence as soon as possible. Rather than wasting time on analysing what cards did your opponents get and what are they discarding it’s better to first create a pure sequence for yourself. Experienced players know how to crack the strategy well while beginners take their time in planning their moves well.

Know how to group the cards

The best trick to group cards is to arrange them basis their colour. This is again a tactic used by people who’ve been playing for long. It just becomes easier to make quick moves when you sort the cards according to colour. Club and sort all your hearts then aces and so on. It’s the first sign of a sorted and mature rummy player.

Keep your opponents guessing

Among the things that a polished player would always do is to keep their opponents puzzled at all times. The idea here is to make your opponent believe that what they think is true when you have a different plan altogether. If your opponent assumes that you’re going to discard a card next, do exactly the same and let go of a high-value card. Discard a few cards which might get your opponents to think that you’re about to declare which will put them in a frenzy to declare too and intensify the gameplay. Remember to keep your score low at all times.

Come up with new moves

Come on, really think about it. If you are playing online with a beginner don’t you think they would have definitely read, watched and gained knowledge on the regular tips and tricks? And here it becomes super important for you as a skilled player to think of new strategies and moves. This will not only put your opponent in awe who might or might not be as practiced as you but also help you come out as a better player. In fact, seasoned players refrain from using the widely known and commonly used tricks. The experienced players make new moves with every game they play. And that is the hallmark of a true blue player.

Observe your opponents

This is as indispensable as it gets. Avid players are hawk-eyed and always mindful of the next move of their opponents. Your observational skills go a long way in improving your own moves. Judging the hand or the moves of fellow players is crucial in making your own strategy as you will have to adapt constantly as the game progresses. Ultimately, the cards dealt to you is only half the game. Mostly it’s gauging your opponents and the sharp analytical skills that would make or break it for you. And real players play sharp, play smart.

Stay calm, play it cool

Lastly, keeping your composure is the key to win Indian rummy online or for that matter anything in life. It is something that sets the pros apart, giving them an edge over the newbies. A seasoned player always stands out from the crowd with his ever-zen approach. It’s easy to figure out the new breed to the game as these players will get excited easily if they win or get extremely flustered on losing but a mature player would never show his emotions to the world and would always remain calm no matter what the situation might be. And this is a skill which can be nurtured over time, with more time invested in playing Indian rummy the more emotionally stable you become about the results whether it’s a win or a defeat.

These indicators will sure help you ace your game if you are a beginner. Next time when you sit on a table make sure you follow the above essentials. Experience doesn’t come in a jiffy. You gotta give it time and put effort. Remember, with practice anybody can become a skilled player. Happy rummy gaming!

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