Things to remember before joining an online Rummy tournament

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Things to remember before joining an online Rummy tournament

Online rummy tournaments are like a battleground where players from different walks of life compete against each other. Participating in an online rummy tournament triggers the high-adrenaline rush and satisfies the thirst of the players to win big. The beauty of rummy tournaments hosted online is that players can participate as per their skill and get an out-of-the-world experience at the comfort of their home. Players can take part in a tournament that is tailored to their needs and try their hands at winning big. New rummy players tend to participate in freeroll tournaments while rummy mavens eye on high-roller tourneys to seize massive winnings. 

There are some points that every rummy player should keep in mind while joining tournaments hosted online. Let’s discuss them in detail:

  • Tournament Type: Before participating in any tourney, you need to make sure that the tournament suits your requirements such as skills, level, and budget. Decide beforehand whether you want to participate in a freeroll tournament, small-medium tourney, or high-roller tournament. If you are a new player, you can start your tournament journey by joining a freeroll tournament. However, ace players can choose cash rummy tournaments to compete for a bigger prize pool. Freeroll tournaments are played among a large number of players and so the competition is higher. In cash tournaments, the number of players is comparatively less so it is easy to win. 
  • Entry Criteria: Adda52Rummy, one of the leading online rummy sites, hosts a variety of tournaments to fulfill the needs of every rummy player. Find the tournament type you are planning to join and check the entry fee. For freeroll tournaments, the entry fee is usually free. Cash tournaments have a minimal entry fee which you need to pay to enroll in that tournament. If you do not have enough account balance to join the tournament, you can add cash to your account and play rummy online for cash.
  • Timing: It is always important to ensure timely participation. If you are unable to join the tournament at the scheduled time, you will lose the opportunity to participate and win. Check if the tournament timing suits your schedule. Double-check the start time and end-time to avoid the last-minute hassle. You can also register 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the game and kick it up a notch.
  • Tournament Seats: Almost all online rummy tournaments have limited seats; make sure that you register in advance. The maximum players that can be accommodated in a tournament table are 6. However, 4 to 6 players can play on each table depending on the tournament.
  • Prize Pool: In the game lobby, you will find various tournaments of different sizes and prize pools. You can check out the prize disbursement of each tournament type and participate accordingly. The cash prize is distributed to the winners as per their ranking. If there is a tie, then the winning amount may get distributed among winners as per certain terms and conditions. Be apprised of all the tourney rules before you join a tournament. 
  • Tournament Rounds: Some online rummy tournaments have 2-3 rounds, while some may have more rounds depending on the number of participants and game rules. The number of rounds will give you an idea of how to deploy the game strategies to reach the final round. You can also figure out how much time it will take to play the tourney. 
  • Gameplay: All rummy tourneys are time-bound. To give a tough competition to your opponents, you need to utilise every round wisely, make note of rivals’ strategies, and implement smart tactics within an allocated time frame. Especially when playing on high roller tournaments, your every decision should be on point as you are pitting against seasoned players. If you fail to make a move in the given time, your turn will be passed to the next opponent. In case you miss three consecutive turns, you can get eliminated from the rummy tournament.

The next time you plan to take part in online rummy tournaments, remember these points. Play online rummy games regularly to unleash your full potential on tournament tables and enjoy your big winnings.

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