Top 5 Apps to Download in your phone Now

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Top 5 Apps to Download in your phone Now

In the current scenario, people are finding ways to keep themselves engaged. Whether it is binge watching or online rummy, the list of options for virtual entertainment is never-ending. With a decent Internet connection and a smartphone, you can keep yourself hooked on many engaging Apps. Mobile Apps have been the centre of digitalization for quite some time now. From Fashion Apparel to groceries, Apps are the new virtual markets for everyone. Life has indeed become a lot easier with the availability of all kinds of stuff online. 

Are you looking for a brilliant App for your Android or iPhone? So to make your life easier, check-out this list of top 5 Apps to download in your phone now:

Rummy App

Games have always been an essential part of our entertainment. Online Rummy is one of the most fervently played card games these days, mainly due to its entertaining gameplay and the element of skills. Besides this, rummy games are considered as a great source of stress reliever. When you play rummy online, you get to explore many facets of your personality which you wouldn’t know they even existed. Another interesting feature of Rummy App is the seamless user interface and availability of all rummy variants. Exciting cash rummy games and tournaments will definitely keep you coming back for more. Adda52Rummy App is a perfect blend of entertainment and a smart way to earn some extra cash.


Social media has always been an integral part of our life especially in the current scenario, it serves as an ideal platform for connecting virtually with our loved ones. Instagram App offers an easy medium for users to connect through images and videos. Apart from that, you can also educate yourself with some innovative content on various trending topics. From motivational content to general awareness, health to beauty, Instagram has tonnes of trending topics to explore and educate yourself. 


Well, binge watching will never go out of style! Netflix App is an ideal platform to engage yourself in a plethora of sitcoms, movies and documentaries. The critically acclaimed Netflix Originals are the in-house productions which became some of the most popular and top-rated series or movies.  Netflix App also goes an extra mile to filter the content based on your watch history. It is an all in one video streaming platform. The exclusive phone subscription has made Netflix popular among the millennials.


From designer labelled apparels to a safety pin, Amazon is your one stop shop for all your commodities. It is one of the top performing tech giants in the world of technology which comprises digital streaming, cloud computing, and eCommerce. Amazon App is light and easy to use with the availability of an extensive filter that enables quick access to the item you have been looking for. It offers a seamless shopping experience with an advanced checkout facility, fastest deliveries and easy navigation.


Music is always a remedy to get away from all the hustle and bustle. Spotify App is a must have Music App which comes with qualitative streaming and a music library of over 35 million songs. It is one of the top trending apps in the music world. With consistent upgrades, Spotify App has also developed a Premium version for access to ad-free music and offline song downloads. In addition to this, Spotify also offers podcasts and has grown to be the most popular streaming platform in the world.

Apps are one of the best things about mobile phones. They are fast, easy and efficient. Check out these amazing apps to keep yourself entertained and relaxed. Play rummy online for unlimited fun and exciting cash rewards. Download Rummy App now for uninterrupted gaming.

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