Top 5 tips to win online rummy tournaments

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Top 5 tips to win online rummy tournaments

When we hear the word rummy tournament, we automatically start picturing ourselves playing with competitive spirits and giving our best shot. Did you know that tournaments were regarded as a chivalrous competition between two clans during the medieval times? Well, as the time passed, gaming became more as a source of entertainment than a competition. Online rummy tournaments are thrill-packed and offer a great opportunity to earn big cash rewards in the quickest span of time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you play any online rummy tournament:

Assess your hand

One of the things which you may tend to forget while playing an online rummy tournament is to properly analyse your hand. This perhaps should be the first thing to do as soon as the cards are dealt and before you make your first move. Sorting your cards will give you a great kick-start and tell you more about your stand in the game. If you think you have received a good hand you can go ahead and plan your game strategy. In case you are not confident about the type of cards you have received, you can opt for a drop-out and save yourself from a heavy penalty. Assessing your cards in the beginning, will help you to understand which cards to keep and which ones are to discard.

Set your priorities

Your first priority should be to meld a pure sequence in order to secure a lead in the game. You must focus on completing a valid pure sequence before targeting other sequences or sets. Another priority is to keep a check on your opponents’ moves. The types of cards your opponent is discarding or picking up will surely give you a good idea about their gameplay. Planning your game strategy, your discards and picks should all be executed sequentially.

Get rid of high-value cards

Since the stakes are high, it is better not to take any risk of receiving a heavy penalty. In rummy tournaments, you can win a whopping amount of money in just a few quick sessions, but if you don’t put your mind into it, you may end up losing. High-value cards like Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of any suit carry the maximum number of points. Therefore, it is wise to get rid of them in the beginning itself if the same cannot be grouped to make any valid sets or sequences.

Calculate the Probabilities

Rummy games are all about implying simple math tricks to maximise your chances of winning. The basic rules of probability come handy in rummy tournaments, especially when you are up against some of the most seasoned rummy players. Right from calculating the probability of winning to the probability of the required cards in the closed deck, you can apply the basic concepts of probability and get a lead in the game. 

Use of Joker

The Joker card is like a friend in need for you in rummy, it will always come to save you when you are in trouble. All you need to do is learn some tricks to combine joker to meld other cards into sets or sequences. Keep your joker cards handy and use them to complete your sets and sequences. In rummy tournaments, jokers can make your winnings come easy. Also, the joker card carries zero points.

The basics of winning any rummy tournament is to be well versed with the rules of the game. Rummy tournaments are a perfect blend of fun and big winnings. Your skills are rewarded and you can also enjoy the fame of becoming the Ultimate Rummy Champion. So, gear up to join the most thrilling tournaments at, play rummy and win amazing cash prizes.

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