Top 5 ways to relax at home when sick 

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Top 5 ways to relax at home when sick

It’s the flu season and while most of us are geared up to fight the flu, some prefer to go into hiding. The not so lucky ones already are down with it and have no option but stay at home. Not that it is a bad thing. Take the time off to chill at home. But, then many of us would wonder, what to do when sick? You need something that is not so taxing yet entertaining, activities that uplift your mood. Because hey, when we are down we do need some perking up, right? Here is a quick round-up of how to kill time when staying home and beat the sickness blues.

Staying home because you’re sick? Play rummy 

Yes, you read that right. You’re anyway going to be texting your friends, why not play online rummy instead and earn some real cash? All it takes to play mobile rummy is your phone. Now, what can be more exciting than playing rummy while all curled up in bed and earning cash as well? Just keep your phone charged and you’re all set. What’s more? Missing friends but can’t meet them in person? Fret not, indulge in an online rummy game with them on our app. Moreover, an exciting game of rummy will cheer you up and provide a stimulus to your under-active brain under the influence of antibiotics. Win tournaments, rewards, and ace up your game in the downtime and you’ll see how being sick has its own benefits too. Top 5 ways to relax at home when sick

Indulge in some binge-watching 

We know how it feels when you so want to catch up on that latest series or that movie on your favourite streaming service but hardly get time for it. It’s like everyone else in your circle has watched it except you. Why not utilize the time off to recover, to watch and maybe, rewatch your favourite shows. Take a 15-minute break after every two hours. Take a walk, keep yourself well-hydrated, sip on some warm broth and don’t strain those eyes much. Remember, the timeout is meant for you to recuperate. 

Nothing feels better than reading 

Even if you don’t want to or can’t read per se you can always listen to an audiobook. Right? Books are not just a way to form opinions or lend us some insight but are also a great form of relaxation. Just plug in your earphones, close your eyes and listen to some great stories or revisit your childhood by turning on your favourite children’s story and let it work as a therapy. A sure shot way to get you through a sick day. 

Pick up a new skill for there is so much to learn 

This one is pretty exciting. The novelty of acquiring knowledge, finding something different, picking up a new skill makes us upbeat about life. Always. And we all have a desire for something fresh that adds value to our life even though it’s just for fun. Whether it is learning a foreign language, or knowing how to play an instrument, or paint, the list is long and there are DIY videos available online for almost everything. Why not make use of it all? If nothing excites you then simply watch documentaries on anything that piques your interest. After all, knowledge is everything.

Spend time solving puzzles, maybe? 

It is therapeutic, calming and has a sedative effect on us. And especially when sick, it can work wonders. It’s only natural to feel the craving for a mental stimulation when physically weak. And that’s when puzzles come in for your rescue. Whether you are a Sudoku fan or a Crossword enthusiast or simply a pattern guesser, spend your spare time by giving some fodder to your brain. A smarter you is healthier you. 

Be it stringing beads into a bracelet, mastering a stroke of brush or writing letters, spending time at home when sick should never be boring. Try newer ways, fresher ideas to keep yourself upbeat and not miss the outside word. A happy state of mind leads to a healthier body. Stay safe. Stay healthy. 

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