Top 7 Reasons You Should Play Rummy Online Now!

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Top 7 Reasons You Should Play Online Rummy Now!

Sitting idle at home might be relaxing as it gives you the time to detox and refreshes your mind and body. Idleness is good for a change from a monotonous lifestyle, as it gives you the space to align your thoughts and ideas. While some of you resort to leisure activities, others are still figuring out how to get their minds onto something productive staying at home. Something that sparks up your mind as well as gives you contentment at the end of the day.

It’s difficult to kill time with an idle mind. It becomes more difficult when you are not allowed to venture out. While you are still looking out for options where you can invest your skills and time staying at home, we say why not play rummy? It might sound a bit strange, but not after we give you 7 reasons to play rummy now:

Play from the Comfort of your Couch!

Life becomes better when there are ease and comfort within our reach. You can play rummy online on your desktop or on mobile using the app. You don’t have to worry about sitting uptight and dressing up for the game. You can sit comfortably on your couch and indulge in your favorite snack or a drink while playing rummy.  What more do you want- food, happiness, and comfort!

Top 7 Reasons You Should Play Rummy Online Now!Play the variant of your choice

When you play offline rummy, you may have to compromise on your choice of type as the same may not be understood by your friends and fellow players. You may either have to teach them how to play your desired variant or forfeit and play the game of their choice. Online rummy, fulfills all your wishes and you can play the style of your choice with the players who are well-rehearsed with the rules.

Top 7 Reasons You Should Play Rummy Online Now!Hassle-free Interface

Simple, super-easy and fast – all points ticked. Get your hands onto the most user-friendly interface at Adda52 Rummy and bring out the Rummy artist in you. No hassles, all you need to do is to register yourself, claim your Welcome Bonus and Play. Huge winnings are just a few clicks away. Our website is designed keeping all the necessary functions for the users to use the same in the most productive and informative ways.

Keeping it Simple for Beginners

For all the curious minds to learn how to play rummy, we have got a dedicated section on our website which enlists the necessary steps and tricks through which beginners can learn as well as level-up their game. Playing rummy is no more a rocket science as we make it easy to learn by offering online practice games for the beginners to polish their game. New users also get 1 lakh practice chips through which they can play 13 card rummy, 21 card game and other variants at Zero cost.

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Enhance Cognitive Skills

An always distracted mind may hamper your productivity at work or at home. Focus and concentration are essential to achieve qualitative results in your daily tasks. When you play rummy, you are supposed to plan well in advance your moves in the game as well as to keep a track of the moves of the other players. This elevates the functioning of your mind and improves decision-making skills.

Sometimes we may know the right answer but don’t feel confident enough to speak out loud. There are many of us who feel less confident about our abilities and skills which makes us feel inferior and less competent. When you play rummy, you got to listen to your inner voice and make the right call. This feeling of independence and right judgement builds immense confidence. 

Reduce stress

Experts say that a human mind thinks between 60,000- 80,000 thoughts a day. So to speak, out of these some thoughts are positive and some negative. Human tendency is to incline towards negative thoughts and this is the source of stress and sadness. It is very necessary to distract the mind and shift the focus. “Your mind is your greatest power, use it well,” quoted by Aneta Cruz. Playing Rummy increases brain activity thereby deviating attention and reducing stress levels. Also, when you win you feel happy and positive.

Now you can also bid farewell to your tax worries, as we introduce Adda chips with which you can save on tax deductions on winnings. 

Totally Safe and Secure

One of the major concerns of players while playing online is the safety and security. Whenever we go online and have to make an online purchase or a transaction, we get these suspicious thoughts which make us hesitant to proceed. Well, Adda52 Rummy is 100% safe and secure as all our payment gateways are encrypted and the transactions are processed through a secured gateway.

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