Top interesting facts about Rummy we bet you didn’t know

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Top interesting facts about Rummy we bet you didn't know

You all must have that one friend who plays and talks trivia while playing rummy which is very entertaining and turns awkward silences to fun-filled conversations. We all want to be that “knows it all” friend in the game giving out expert tips and spilling facts about the game.

Rummy is one of the most popular card games played all over the world with many variations and names. Moreover, Rummy has a rich history in Indian culture as it is played at family get-togethers and also serves as a medium for people to bond over a game. Here we hope to enlighten you about a few advantages and facts about rummy:

Origin of Rummy

Did you know that there is no evidence on where and when the game of rummy originated? While it is believed by some that it originated in the 19th century somewhere in Spain whereas others say that rummy originated from French Poker. There were various old card games like Mah Jong, Conquian, etc. regarded as the ancestors of rummy. Rummy is also considered as the mother of card games like Bridge and Pinochle. 

Most popular Rummy variations

Rummy is the third most popular card game all over the world. Also in the online world, it is the highest played card game with avid fans playing on various online game portals. There are more than 20 variations of rummy in existence. Some of the prevalent variations are: 

  • Gin rummy
  • Kalooki
  • Indian rummy
  • Canasta
  • Three Thirteen and
  • Penang.

One of the rummy variations is also called “Indian Marriage”, you read that right!

Rummy is a Family Game

Did you know that in the 1960s, card game was played as a family game and it is still a tradition to play rummy on various festive occasions like Diwali and Ugadi.  As it involves a lot of players in the game, it also develops a sense of community in players. Playing with family and friends has been an integral part of the Indian culture as it encourages bonding and is a perfect activity to extend to happy times.

Rummy is a great stress buster

Players have better hand-eye coordination and a better understanding of mathematics and improved visual judgement. Along with enhancing cognitive skills, playing card game also makes you a people reader, as it needs a deep analysis of gestures, stances, and minds of the opponents to win the game. Playing rummy online works like a breath of fresh air that gives you happiness and a much-needed change from your monotonous routine. 

Legends of Rummy

There are different stories that are popular about rummy such as rummy games played for “Rum”. Yes, that’s true and the loser had to buy the next round of drinks for the winner or people on the table and so it is believed that rummy got its name from here. Also, there is a record margin for the highest score of 500 points which hasn’t been broken till date. Stuart Errol (Stu Ungar) was one of the greatest players of poker, blackjack and gin rummy, who won a gin tournament at the age of 10.

Another legend says that in earlier days, rummy was a game for the rich as only they could afford a deck of playing cards. The cards were painstakingly hand-painted unlike the pack of printed cards easily available nowadays.

Shuffling and Cut

Shuffling is the technique used to randomize a deck of cards in order to have a fair distribution of cards for all the players. On the other hand, a cut is done to ensure that the shuffler has by no means manipulated the outcome or the hands of cards. These techniques give the players a totally fair chance to win hence they are followed every time a deck of cards is distributed.

Hope these facts have given you enough information to boast and talk trivia while playing this game with your friends and family. Therefore to sum up, the world is going crazy for online rummy games. Thousands of players are enjoying playing this card game variant as the winnings and prizes are great. Here’s a famous quote by Stu Ungar- “ When the cards are dealt, I just want to destroy the people.”

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