Quirky ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day 

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Quirky ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day 

So, what’s your plan for Valentine’s this year? Are you going to indulge in the same old capers defined by popular culture? Or are you going to break free from the humdrum the day throws at you? Who wants dinner and roses when you could explore so much with your partner in tow? And who wants to be that penny-pinching person who Netflix and chills or the one who spends on freakishly exorbitant outings? Running out of ideas? Don’t fret. Here is our edit on offbeat ways to ring in Valentine’s this year.

Play rummy with your partner

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Quirky ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day 

Sign up for a chocolate workshop

Book yourself and your partner a chocolate-making class and learn the ropes of what all goes into creating those delectable chunks. Now, isn’t that a couple perfect activity? Thank us later, for now go look up baking or chocolate truffle making classes in your vicinity.

Skip the bar, hit the museum

For once, march to a different drum. Museum-hopping is not just for history buffs but can turn out to be a great couple-activity if done right. List out what interests you and the museums you would want to check out and pick the place you want to explore. Alternatively, you could also visit art and photo galleries in town exhibiting some of the stunning works you may or may not know of.

 Go for go karting

Adventure on your mind? We’ve got you covered. The adrenaline junkies would jump at the idea of it but must we say, the initiates should shed their inhibitions and take the plunge too. It’s a great way to bond with your partner while trying out a heart-pumping adventure activity. Go hit the tracks already and race your way to your partner’s heart.

Book reading session

No, we are not being book snobs here but you gotta admit that there’s nothing that can beat the charm of books. Losing yourself in a book, being transported to another world is something that we all love and it’s all the more fun with a loved one. Now is the time you start looking up your favourite authors sitting for a session soon or you could read out a book loud among your friends or join a group of bibliophiles like yourself. 

So, which activity would you pick for the ‘us time’ this time? Whatever you do, remember to usher in the day in your own unique style.

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