Top Tips and Tricks to take your Rummy Game to the Next Level

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Top Tips and Tricks to take your Rummy Game to the Next Level

Rummy is a simple, fun and fascinating game. It puts your mind at work and helps in cognitive skills development. Playing rummy has been part of our tradition and culture for many decades. It is not only regarded as a form of entertainment but also as a form of acquiring skills. It builds curiosity and concentration as for winning one requires unprecedented focus. 

Getting better at Rummy only comes with practice, in fact, practice is necessary for getting better at almost every task. While winning and losing is a part of every game, we would love to see you level up your game. Hence we are putting out these effective tips and tricks which will definitely help you take your rummy game to the next level:

Sort your cards smartly

A clean and organised place gives you better ideas and thoughts than a chaotic place. Similarly, when you play rummy, you must sort your cards in the most systematic and efficient order to avoid unnecessary confusion during your game. You may follow the alternate color sequence (red-black-red or black-red-black) as this gives out clear projections of the cards you can discard and the cards you need to make your pure sequence.

Melding a Pure Run

A pure sequence will certainly give you a lead and make you more confident in your game. Prioritize your moves to get a pure sequence quickly. It will ensure that you do not get any negative point deduction if your opponent declares at any point. A pure sequence will surely save you from the penalty points and you won’t be sitting at the bottom of the table in the end.

Top Tips and Tricks to take your Rummy Game to the Next LevelWatch out but Maintain Discretion

Stay alert at all times and be observant about the moves of your opponents. Pay attention to the type of cards they are discarding and the ones they are picking up from the discarded cards. This will surely help you in understanding their game and you can plan your moves accordingly. Ensure that all your moves are discreet and your opponents should not be able to predict your next move.

Use your cards smartly

Try to retain and get cards of the middle sequence as they can be easily melded into a run. Face cards are a bit more difficult to meld hence they are less compatible. Also, cards of the middle sequence will cost you less penalty than the face cards of higher sequence. So you may get rid of cards of higher sequence if they are not making any sets or sequences for you. For example, 6 of any suit can be put together with 4 & 5 and can also work with 7 & 8 of the same suit.

Jokers are your buddies

Buddies always help you out in need if you choose them wisely. Jokers when used smartly can ace your game to the next level. Focus on how you can use them advantageously to complete a run or a set of higher points value. Also, remember not to use a joker in a natural run. So the trick is that if you already have a pure sequence, use all the jokers to complete other sequences.

Don’t wait endlessly

Time is money, and when you play rummy online you will definitely understand the value of both time and money. Rummy is a game of witty moves. Know your cards well and plan your moves well in advance. Doing so will also indicate the cards you need to discard and you may avoid confusion. Waiting endlessly for a card to meld your run may hamper your game. Instead, you can keep re-evaluating your cards and make changes. A rummy trick says that if an idle card does not participate in any of the sequences or triplet sets, you may discard it, especially if the card is of a higher sequence.

The Subtle Art of Baiting & Fishing

In a game of online rummy, it is very crucial for a player to study the opponent and their moves. You must have read this famous quote- Know your friends well, but your enemies better. A smart player can trick the opponent to discard the card one needs. For this, you need to be very observant in the game. If your opponent is picking up a card from the pile, it means that the card in the discarded pile is of no use to them, you can then check the card they discard. Similarly, when your opponent is discarding a face card, they’re trying to reduce their high points. While if they discard a low number card, it means they either do not have face cards or they already have a face card sequence. So the trick here is that you should discard a low card. This will further make your opponents believe that you already have an excellent hand and thus, they will drop out of the game. 

Another trick is to avoid drawing cards from the discarded pile as much as possible. The cards from a discarded pile are visible to your opponents hence they will be able to predict your game/ moves.  This art of misleading the perception and getting your opponent to throw the card you want is called baiting and fishing.

Hence, if your rummy game is giving you more losses than wins, do not think that the winners are born with a winning streak or it is all about destiny. Use these natty tricks above and power up your game because it’s not always about winning. It is about how well you played!

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