Top tips and tricks to take your rummy games to the next level 

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Top tips and tricks to take your rummy game to the next level 

Do you love to play rummy, but still haven’t been able to ace your game? Do you experience difficulty competing against avid rummy players? Rummy games are fun and entertaining however they are dynamic in nature. Every game comes with its unique challenges and thrill. In this blog, you will learn about top rummy hacks and strategies to level up your game. So don up your thinking caps and get ready to unravel some hidden secret strategies about rummy games. Read on:

Analyse your hand

One of the common strategies you will learn is to sort your cards as soon as you receive them. However, apart from sorting it is also necessary to analyse your cards on the basis of value and how easily they can be melded into sets or sequences. Analysing your hand will also help you differentiate the useful cards from the ones to be discarded. This way you will be able to make quick moves in the game and also implement your game strategy successfully. 

Set your priorities right

When you play online rummy games, it is very important to understand the objective of the game and then set your priorities accordingly. A pure sequence is a requisite in order to win, therefore you must look out for fetching those cards that will help you complete your pure sequence. Your entire game strategy should be curated around completing your pure sequence and finding ways to get the required cards. 

Trick & Treat your Opponents

You can apply various tricks in rummy game to baffle your opponents into shelling out the cards you need. In some instances, you may even have to lure your opponents by discarding such cards that they get confused about your gameplay. Keeping a close eye on your opponents’ moves will definitely give you a better idea about their hand and gaming style. You may even be able to guess their strategy if you stay focused in the game. For example, if you have 5, 7 and 9 of hearts, you can discard the lower value card to bribe your opponents into believing that you already have a pure sequence and this way they will either drop out of the game or discard the card you need amidst the confusion.

Choose your discards wisely

All the gaming guides will talk about melding your cards into proper sequences and sets, however, none will speak about the importance of discarded cards. When you play rummy online, you have to discard the cards that are of no use to you but when you are discarding the cards you must also keep in mind that the cards that are of no use to you may become the winning cards for your opponents. So, keep a close eye on which cards your opponents are picking up from the discard pile and then discard your cards accordingly.

Use smart cards

In rummy, smart cards are usually the middle-value cards which can be easily melded with both high-value and low-value cards. Therefore, you must try to retain those cards as they will also cause you less penalty than high-value cards in the event your opponent declares before you. 

So, these were some of the secret yet relevant tips you can use to ace your game next time you play Indian rummy game online. Another beneficial tip is to avail the on-going offers and bonuses at to ace your winnings! See you at the rummy tables!

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