How to trick your opponents in online rummy?

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How to trick your opponents in online rummy?

The game of rummy is strategy-based, hence rummy players must be well equipped in bluffing and dodging their opponents. It is true that in online rummy, most professional rummy players win by playing on their opponents rather than playing on their cards. By continuous practice and experience, you will be able to read your opponents and arrive at an ‘educated guess’ about their gameplay. When you play offline rummy, you are able to physically assess your opponents and their body language which helps you to get acquainted with their playing style. But when you play rummy online, you can use this factor as an advantage because even your online opponents cannot see or determine your body language during the gameplay.  

However, using the following tips and tricks you will be able to outwit your opponents and increase your chances of winning:

Keep an eye on the discarded pile

When you play rummy on online rummy sites, make note of the cards discarded by your opponents as this will somewhat give you a clear picture of your opponent’s hand. For example, if your opponent is discarding low-value cards, it means that their pure sequence is ready and they are just getting rid of the unnecessary cards. If they are discarding high-value cards, it means that they are trying to get a pure sequence with mid-value or low-value cards and are trying to reduce the penalty by getting rid of high-value cards. This way you will know about the cards your opponent is disinterested in and you can block them by throwing away the cards they don’t need. It is a great tip to make the game of rummy run longer where you could get enough time to complete your sets and sequences to be able to declare before your opponent. This trick requires a lot of practice as your opponent may also try to deceive you at the same time. You can play free online rummy practice games to master this trick.

Reverse the Rummy Tricks

As all rummy players are aware of the rummy tips and tricks, sometimes it comes handy to reverse some of these tricks to mislead your opponent when you play online rummy for cash. For instance, it is a rummy tip to get rid of high-value cards in the beginning to avoid any chances of losing with heavy points. But sometimes you can reverse this trick to get a pure sequence or a set as fast as you can. When your opponents are busy discarding the high-value cards, you can pick up these cards from the discarded pile to make your sequence as well as to show your opponents that you have got a good hand. This way you can reverse some other rummy tips and tricks for your own good.

Fishing and Baiting  

When you get good at playing rummy, you can easily play your opponents to discard the cards that you need to complete a sequence or a set. Suppose you need a King of spades or hearts to complete a set and you already have King of clubs and diamonds, you can choose to discard the Queen of spades. This will make your opponent discard the King of spades thinking that you are no longer making a sequence with it, unaware of your intention. Therefore, you will be able to get the card you need out of your opponent. This rummy strategy is also known as fishing and baiting as you are trying to use Queen as bait to trick your opponent to throw the fish for you to catch it.

Risky but worth it

As the nature of the rummy game is always unpredictable, it sometimes gets tough to beat your opponents when all your tips and tricks are failing. If you will leave clues for your opponents to gauge your game, you will never be able to get the cards you need to complete your sequence. This is the right time to play your master move. Pick up unwanted cards from the open deck to confuse your opponent and try to decode the possible order to deal with them. It is a great tip to use when your opponents start building pressure on you by reading your cards. By using this trick you can make your opponents throw out the cards you need. A considerable amount of ingenuity will work out pretty well to dodge your opponents’ tricks. However, make sure you pick low-value cards to confuse your opponent in order to reduce the penalty in case your opponent declares.


When you play online rummy games, it is essential that you stay very vigilant of your opponents’ moves as this will help you in getting to know their weak points which you can further use for your own benefit. Mislead them as much as you can but never let them get an idea of your gameplay or the type of cards you are holding. In this way, you can fool your opponents to make them discard the cards you need to win the game. It is very crucial to analyse your own moves before discarding or picking up the cards as your opponents are always watching. A professional rummy player is always very cautious and vigilant about his or her moves as well as of their opponents’. Bluffing is a rummy strategy which rummy experts use to mislead their opponents. You can use this trick to make your opponents think that you are about to win the game. Throwing lower value cards and picking up cards from the open deck will create an impression on your opponents that you are about to declare. These moves will make your opponent fold or drop out of the game thereby making you a winner.

Henceforth, the more frequently you play rummy the more tips and tricks you will master to make your opponents play either for your triumph or to drop out of the game. Keep these tricks in mind next time you play online rummy to trick your opponent to reveal their moves or to misread yours.

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