Turn your dreams into reality with Online Rummy

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Turn your dreams into reality with Online Rummy

Playing rummy can be not just for entertainment purposes but also serve as a source of income. Also, the financial investment required to play online rummy can be as little as Rs 25 or Rs 30 per tournament. This is probably what attracts a large section of people who regularly turn to the Adda52 Rummy website/app for their dose of rummy. If you don’t believe this, you really have to read the stories of people who have managed to change their professional and personal lives for the better just by playing rummy at Adda52 Rummy.

Sri Prakash Tiwari, bought a new houseTurn your dreams into reality with Online Rummy

Prakash Tiwari hailing from New Delhi is a regular player at adda52 rummy. He surprised other players by buying a new house with the money he earned from playing rummy games. Who knew a middle class working professional could own a house with his rummy skills on India’s leading rummy portal Adda52 Rummy. He did not win any tournament and bagged a huge cash prize. He was very close to winning the Indian Rummy Challenge 2018 but could not make it to the final lane. Still he is a winner. Just by playing rummy cash games at adda52 rummy, he has bought his dream house. 

SM Shaikh, Winner of Diwali Tournament 

SM Shaikh is the winner of 2 consecutive tournaments held on eve of Diwali: Diwali Dangal 2018 and Diwali Cash Bomb 2019. From the least entry fees to play satellites, he managed to win the Diwali tournament twice with a prize pool of more than INR 5 lakh. The first prize money was used for emergency medical purposes while the second was used for his family welfare.

Indian Rummy Challenge Winner Prakash RajaTurn your dreams into reality with Online Rummy

Prakash Raja, who participated in the recently concluded Indian Rummy Challenge 2018 had no idea what awaited him as he played round after round of rummy without getting extremely anxious. Prakash who hails from the temple town of Tamil Nadu, Trichy assists his father in running his hotel business. When he came to know about the Indian Rummy Challenge 2018, he decided to try his luck and participated. He not just qualified for the final round but also won INR 15 lakh out of the total prize pool of INR 25 lakh. What a huge return for an investment of INR 30 for the ticket bought for the qualifying rounds! He managed to use this amount in the most productive manner possible. How? He got his hotel renovated and gave it a much-needed makeover. If this isn’t enough, there is another story of how playing rummy online can help you feel financially empowered. Read on!

Player of the Year- Rekha

Rekha was declared the first runner up of the Player of the Year 2017 series. She went from being a homemaker to a Turn your dreams into reality with Online Rummyonline rummy player who played the game for the sake of entertainment to actually mastering various strategies and playing it professionally. Her interest in the game grew as she learnt more strategies and saw them work well. This is when she decided to start competing for the big prizes. This is how her journey from being a homemaker to a homemaker who contributes to the household financially unfolded.

All the above mentioned winners are an inspiration to the upcoming online rummy game players. Leave the myths surrounding online rummy with concerns like security, legality, spammy, fraud to abandon. Play on the best, reliable portal like Adda52 Rummy to make your dreams come true. 

Playing rummy certainly provides entertainment, but above all, is a source of income if you understand the strategies and can implement them well in the tournaments you play on the Adda52 Rummy website. These are just stories of a few people who managed to turn their lives around by playing rummy. There are numerous more undiscovered stories of how playing rummy can change people’s lives for the better. Keep reading for more such inspiring stories of how rummy leads to financial independence. We are glad to be able to make positive differences in numerous lives. Do you also aim at it? Then keep playing your favorite rummy game at Adda52 Rummy to earn money online.

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