Use 5 Smart Tricks to Win the Classic Indian Rummy Game

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Indian Rummy Game

Rummy, with its simple format, has been able to strike a chord in the hearts of numerous gamers. Are you one of them too?

If yes, then you know it can be easily learnt and played, and is an absolute delight! Whether you play the game online or offline, you will definitely have unlimited fun. Especially Indian rummy game is an enthralling and a super fun variant of the traditional game. To win this skilled game, you need some of these tricks up your sleeves:

Trick 1: Watch the Discard Section

Be it an online or offline Indian rummy game; keep a close watch on the cards discarded by your opponents. To win the game, you cannot afford to discard a card that could be useful to your opponents.

Solely for this reason, most of the expert players use the standard rummy trick of utilizing the discard section to analyze the cards discarded. You can plan your strategy and next move accordingly. 

For instance, if your opponent has picked 6 and 7 number cards from the open deck of the discard section, avoid discarding 7 or 8. If you discard these cards, you will help your opponent to form a pure sequence with them.  One tiny mistake and you might end up losing the game. So, use this effective rummy strategy of avoiding discarding any wrong cards!

Trick 2: Discard Cards Closer to Joker

A classic Indian rummy game trick is making use of the game-changing card – the Joker. Avoid using jokers to create a pure sequence. Instead, use it as a trump card to form an impure sequence and finish the game. Easiest trick would be to discard cards closer to the joker and force your opponent not to pick them up.

Like, if 5 is the wild joker, discard cards close to it, like 3, 5, 6, and 7. Your opponent would not waste the joker to form a pure sequence with it. So, there is a possible good chance that your opponent will not pick your discarded cards. Use this trick but make sure to observe the pattern of cards picked by your opponents before using it. Right move at the right time will yield big results!

Trick 3: Use High-Point Cards as Baits

Usually, players discard their high point cards as a common rummy strategy during the initial moves to reduce points’ burden. But if your opponent picks up your discarded high point card, the chances are that they have already created a set or a sequence or is going to form one. Your opponent will take the bait with your discarded high point card. 

If your opponent has discarded K, you can easily predict that they have already formed at least part of a set of Ks or a sequence of K, Q, J or A, K, Q. So, do not discard card close to Q like K, J, A or 10. Otherwise, you will help your opponent to form a sequence successfully. Instead of discarding a card close to Q, discard another Q as there are fewer chances of creating a Q set in that case. Use this trick to grab maximum winnings at the cash table!

Trick 4: Reverse the Common Trick

There are times when you need to think out of the box to win in Indian rummy game. It is vital to adapt and improvise the existing traditional rummy tricks and create a new one. One of the best rummy strategies would be to reverse the commonly used tricks. Like, one of the popular tricks in the game is to discard high values cards as early as possible. 

What you can do is keep them till your third or fourth move. It is highly possible that your opponents will follow the common rule and discard the high-value cards in their opening moves. Now, when your opponent discards a high-value card needed by you, use it to make a set or a sequence with the high point cards in your hand. Reverse the rummy trick and fool your opponent into discarding the card you need.

Trick 5: Calculate Probabilities

Be it any card game – you should always calculate the probability of getting the desired cards. Especially in Indian rummy games, you have to track the cards that have been dealt with and the cards that are in the open deck. Like, if you are dependent on Jokers to finish the game, you can try and calculate the number of jokers that are left in the closed deck. If the odds of getting a joker card are less, try and change your strategies and look out for other options. 

Similarly, you can calculate the colors of the cards, black and red. Figure out how many spades and clubs or diamonds and hearts are left in the closed deck. Use the probabilities to find out the connecting cards and high cards by just calculating the total number of specific cards. This way, you can counter your opponents’ moves and win games. 

Indian Rummy Game: Trick Equals Treat of Winning

Now that you have learned the strategies, it is time to upgrade your skills. Use them while you play rummy online or for free. Practice these tricks well before using them at cash tables. Once you are able to use them well, play at any of our tables at Adda52Rummy, and win exciting cash prizes. Become a real master of the game and win exciting prizes!

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