Meet Karthick, winner of Vijaya Kaandam Rummy Tournament

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Meet Karthick, winner of Vijaya Kaandam Rummy Tournament

India’s most favorite online rummy destination, Adda52 rummy is organizing amazing tournaments for rummy fanatics. And we are not able to stop getting winner interviews infront of budding and experienced online gamers

Yes! we are back again with winner of Vijaya Kaandam tournament which was organised on Dussehra eve

Players had participated in the satellites which started from Oct 1st to bag the entry to finale on 19th of October. Karthick made his entry to the finale with buy in of Rs 500 and emerged as top winnerMeet Karthick, winner of Vijaya Kaandam Rummy Tournament

Firstly, Congratulations Mr. KARTHICK JAYARAJ for being the winner of Vijaya Kaandam tournament. Among 28 people who shared the prize pool, you have bagged the top winner position. Isn’t it amazing?

Surprised, It was amazing!

How is the feeling of winning such good amount with a buyin of just Rs 500?

I’m really happy for that

Our audiences wants to know who you are and from where do you hail? So please introduce yourself

I am Karthik Jayaraj. I hail from Tamil Nadu

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What’s your profession and what are your hobbies?

I am a businessman doing scrap business. My hobbies are playing online games

From how long are you playing at Adda52 Rummy?

From this june

How did you land on this website?

Through an ad on Facebook

Were you fond of playing online games?

Yes, i am very fond of playing online rummyHow to Play Rummy Games and Win Cash Online at Adda52 Rummy

How was the journey of playing at Adda52 Rummy?

It was a great journey. I like the redemption process and game play features at adda

Did you ever think that Adda52 Rummy would organize a tourney like this and you would be the winner?

I was knowing that there will be big tournaments organized often on adda52rummy, but i never thought i will be a winner

Have you participated in other tournaments hosted by Adda52 Rummy?

I used to play all the tournaments. Recently i played diwali dangal but i was not able to win that

If yes, Have you won in any of them?

No, Not yet

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How are you using your prize money?

It was more helpful for surviving. I was been sick and this amount was useful for me. I used this amount for my hospital expenses. 

Do you insist your friends and family to play at Adda?

Yes.. Surely

Well, there are showering tournaments and cash games at Adda52 Rummy. What other games or tournaments and offers do you want them to organize?

I am happy with current offers and tournaments

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What excites you playing at Adda52 Rummy. Do you follow their tournaments and winners personally?

I do follow the winners interviews. I love to play on adda52 rummy as i have won more than lakhs in few months

What do you wanna say about Adda52 Rummy?

I find Adda very genuine. I was impressed with the flood relief tournament organised for a noble cause.

Playing at this website has helped me earn real cash without difficulty. Your team is doing good work. I don’t have any negative feedback

Well this is Karthick, one of the rummy champ and his views. We would like to congratulate you again for the victory. We wish you speedy recovery and win more accolades in coming years. 

Stay tuned to Adda52 Rummy for more such tournaments, winners and exciting prizes they won. We will update you with crazy online gamers and their achievements

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