Ways To Earn Money Online Through Adda52 Rummy

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Ways To Earn Money Online Through Adda52 Rummy

Rummy is a highly entertaining card game which allows the player to challenge and improve his focus, strategies, and decision-making skills and also gives him the opportunity to win big money. Playing rummy is one of the few genuine and bona fide ways to earn money online.

Rummy is a trending topic in India nowadays and the popularity of this mind sport is increasing amongst players of all ages. You can play on real stake tables online and make good amount of money. Many Indian players are playing rummy professionally and earning their livelihood by participating in big offline and online rummy cash games and tournaments with gigantic prize pools.

If you are looking for the best gaming portal to play rummy and win cash online, you have come to the right place.Ways To Earn Money Online Through Adda52 Rummy

Why to choose Adda52 Rummy?

Adda52 Rummy is India’s finest online rummy platform which hosts best-in-quality rummy games which players can enjoy in a user-friendly playing environment. The website offers number of highly lucrative cash games and tournaments in the most popular formats i.e. 13 Card Rummy, 21 Card Rummy, & Marriage Rummy that a player can participate in with minimal buy-in and win huge cash rewards. The cash games and tournaments are available 24×7 on the website.

Practice tables are also available for players who want to improve their gameplay and earn real-time experience of rummy tables before investing money in cash games.  When the player makes a deposit on the website, he automatically becomes a member of Adda52 Rummy loyalty club. The loyalty points allow the player to enter in major rummy tournaments without spending a penny.

Online Rummy Tournaments at Adda52 RummyWays To Earn Money Online Through Adda52 Rummy

Adda52 Rummy hosts several big rummy tournaments with bulky prize pools throughout the year. Here are few of the tournaments scheduled to happen on Adda52 Rummy this month.

Date Tournament Buy-In Format Prize Pool Time
1st – 31st May 25K Rummy Race Rs. 10 13 Cards/ 21 Cards Rs. 7,50,000 Everyday @3.30 PM
Every Mon, Wed, & Saturday Powerplay Tournament 25

Loyalty Points

13 Cards IB Rs. 3,25,000 IB (For Entire promotion period) 8.00 PM
Every Mon, Wed, & Friday Rummy Gladiator Rs. 65 13 Cards Rs. 65,000 (For the entire promotion period) 11:00 PM
Every Mon, Wed, & Friday Rummy Rush Rs. 20 13 Cards Rs. 13,000 (For the entire promotion period) 3: 00 PM
Monday to Friday Rummy Rockers Rs. 10 13 Cards Rs. 27,000 (For the entire promotion period) Mon-Wed-Fri: 7 PM & 9PM

Tue-Thur-Sat: 3 PM & & PM

13th, 20th, & 27th May Super Sundays 5 LP 13 Cards IB Rs. 15,00,000 (For Entire promotion period) 12 PM

Ways To Earn Money Online Through Adda52 Rummy

Players who deposit first time on the website can get 2 tickets of Rummy Depositors Freeroll 5K event by making a minimum Rs. 100 deposit using the bonus code (21DEPRUMMY or 13DEPRUMMY).

Existing players can also earn complimentary tickets of the tournament by making a deposit of Rs. 200 or less. On deposit of Rs. 200 or more, the player will get 3 tickets. If player makes the deposit of Rs. 500 or more using the bonus code, he will get 1 ticket for depositors bonanza where he can win his share from the total prize pool of Rs. 10000.

You can also participate in Happy Hours promotion and get 100% Deposit bonus. To claim the bonus, you need to just make a deposit between 3 to 6 PM on the website using a bonus code.

Adda52 Rummy offers several promotions and bonus offers to players to motivate them to come forward, showcase their game knowledge and skills on the game tables, and win enormous cash rewards.

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