Why online rummy is universally accepted game

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Why online rummy is a universally accepted game

Rummy card games are the most commonly played offline game. Though rummy emerged slowly in online industry, it is most popular online game of today’s era because of game variants, increasing stakes, improved technology and easy accessibility to play anywhere, anytime

Versatile Game

It can be said that Rummy online is universally accepted game as it’s played by all age groups and different regions. Not just India, other countries are also fond of rummy games. Some play for fun and entertainment. Some play it as a hobby, to relax, while some play particularly to earn money online.


Rummy game is a great stress-buster and it is an exciting game. It engages players and calls for application of mind. The game involves a lot of mental calculations and the player will have to be quick to win the game. Thousands of professionals, techies, executives and traders play regularly rummy to unwind themselves and also earn some money.Why online rummy is a universally accepted game


Only a couple of decades ago, rummy players were labeled as gamblers and were treated with disdain. Not any more. Now, even the Supreme Court, the highest judicial body in India, has ruled that rummy is a game of skill and not a game of luck as it was widely believed.

Wide choice of Rummy game formats

Also, online rummy gives you a choice to choose from the wide game variants. 13 cards rummy, 21 card game, pool, points rummy, gin rummy, traditional rummy, and many more game variants hook users. You will find players 24×7 so that you dont have to look for partners. Play with best players on the table. If you wish to play with your friends circle, the technology gives that option also.

The best thing is that you can play from your comfort either at home or in the office.

Fabulous offersWhy online rummy is a universally accepted game

The most tempting offer to play rummy is that the prize pool is really growing and lakhs of rupees are on offer every month. The technology has made it simple. The sites like adda52 rummy have wide payment options and the transactions are through most secure gateways. One need not worry about taxmen as the payments are online and tax deductions happen as per the laws of the land. There is option to earn by referring your friends through Refer and Earn programme.

Many sports have professional players now and they have been earning huge money. Parents now encourage their wards to take up sports as a profession and not just for securing a government job. Parents have realized that their wards can lead a comfortable life by taking sports as a profession.  

Very popular

Cash prizes offered in rummy online has been steadily going up and the number of players on the internet is a clear indication of the game popularity.

Cricket, which is a religion in India, went through the same phase. In the late 70s and early 80s, it was called as a game played and watched by fools. Now, with new innovations, it has become popular and many parents see the game as an opportunity for a full-time career. Introduction of shorter version is drawing more crowds and there is a phenomenal rise in money paid to the players.  Parents are keen to admit their wards to coaching camps in the hope that their children will become professional cricketers.

Innovations can happen in rummy with advent of technology. They can change the discourse. People are always on the job to provide more thrill and money.

Play online rummy with intent of having entertainment, relaxation or to earn money online. Register now to play real cash rummy games at adda52 rummy

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