Why Rummy is Skill Based Card Game – An Analysis

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5 concrete reasons to justify that rummy is a game of skill

The way the game of rummy is getting popular in India, people have started thinking that it is just a time pass game, but that is NOT true at all.

Rummy is a skill based game and it is actually a mix of an individual’s ability, cleverness, expertise and proficiency.  We all fail to notice that in an Online Rummy Card game lots of mathematical calculations are involved.  In fact, we can also say that Rummy and mathematics are two sides of the same coin.

A lot of skills are required to become a pro in this game.  In simpler words we can say that Rummy is a mind game, instead of being just a game of drawing and discarding cards.

In India, a lot of youngsters are getting attracted to the game of Rummy these days. We can say that Rummy and Indian youth have collaborated together to discover a new earning source too, that too in a very legal manner. When we say legal, we mean to say that games that are based on skills have been excluded from the most gambling acts. Being a game of skill, Rummy does not come under betting or gambling and it is legal to play. It is a skill based game where players show their real-time skills at the table by arranging the 13 cards in the valid sequences or sets. That is the reason youngsters have seen a lot of potential in Rummy and see it as a game that is beyond just sheer luck.

In fact the honorable Supreme Court of India, in one of its judgment had said that the game of rummy involves skill and it is NOT a game of luck, rather it is a game of skill that requires superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player.

The Supreme Court of India has declared the games where the outcome depends upon the substantial degree of skills cannot be considered as gambling. And since Rummy is a game that involves the skills of the person playing the game, it has been considered and categorized as a legal game that can be played without any fear.

It is important to let you know here that Sikkim was the first state to legalize online gaming in India after the Sikkim online gaming (Regulation) Act, 2008 was passed. Nagaland also facilitates online gaming as legal but specifically focuses only on “game of skill” rather than chance.

As we all know that the game of Rummy is normally played by two to six players and the Indian version of Rummy is a card game that is based on systematic expertise and consistent capacity than just luck.  Now let us have a look at what is this Rummy all about, and how is it legal?

Let me tell you that when any game involves a lot of skills and when its outcome is resolute by the greater familiarity, rational skill, concentration and know-how rather than by chance, it is considered to be purely skill based and legal. Though the component of probability cannot be entirely abandoned but the skill factor is considered as a major element over chance. Indian Rummy is based on matching the cards of the same sequences or units. It is the only card game that is based more on analytical skills and logical ability than on luck or chance.

Rummy entails a certain amount of skill as it is basically a game of holding, arranging and discarding the cards. When 13 cards Rummy are dealt, the player needs to arrange these cards into proper sequences of 4 groups in which 1 pure life is a mandatory set. Surely, it is a game of skills.

So master the art of playing this game with your skills and luck will follow for sure. Cheers!

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