Why Skill-based Games Like Rummy are Better Than Action Games?

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Why Skill-based Games Like Rummy are Better Than Action Games?

We live in an era when online games have taken over our lives. After a long day of stressful work, what is the best way to unwind? This is by playing online games. We live in a tech era where innovations have introduced many comforts and conveniences to our lives. It has influenced the gaming world as well. Gaming apps and websites let you play your favourite games and sports from the comfort of your couch.

There are many types of online games that are available on online gaming platforms. Broadly, they can be divided into two types – games of skill and action games.

What are skill-based games?

According to the Supreme Court of India, games of skill are those games where you need to use your knowledge, experience and intelligence to win. Games of skill are also perfectly legal in India for the same reason. Money won from games of skill comes through your hard work, planning, calculations and strategizing which help you defeat your opponents.

So, one thing is clear, games of skill like rummy require expertise and intelligence. And, that is why they are so popular. Not just because you can make money legally off these games, but also because they keep your brain nicely occupied.

What are action games?

Action games need no introduction. Possibly most of us have played one action game or the other at some point in our lives. These games are popular because of their format. Especially today, action games unfold like movies where you get to play the central role. The story-telling, the CGI effects, the realistic detail can captivate anyone. Which is why, action games are addictive, and people can spend hours playing them every day.

But skill-based games are better than action games

Skill-based games such as rummy may not be as flashy as action games, but they are much better for you than action games. Why? Here are just a few reasons –

Skill-based games sharpen your brains

Rummy games exercise your brain. They involve a lot of thinking and planning. You will constantly have to think of newer strategies to fool your opponents. A lot of analyzing is required. You need to interpret your opponents’ game plans to defeat them. So, rummy and other skill-based games are good for the grey cells of your brain. 

Action games, on the other hand, do not require you to plan and strategize. They are more about reflexes than intelligence. So, if you want improved critical thinking, then you must opt for skill-based games.

Skill-based games make you patient

Another reason skill-based games like online rummy are better than action games is that they instill patience in you. Mastering online rummy with all its tricks and strategies takes time and patience. To become a pro player, you need to be patient. You cannot give up. This builds determination and the will to succeed.

Action games have the opposite effect on you. The fast and furious mode of play and the instant gratification that action games offer actually make us impatient when in real life things don’t proceed at the pace of action games.

Skill-based games make you more social

When you play a skill-based game like online rummy, even if you are playing on your phone, you are interacting with 2-6 players at the online rummy table. They may be your competitors but there will be this feeling of being involved in a game together with others. You can learn from them, appreciate their skills, impress them with yours and overall have a wonderful time in their company.

Action games are mostly one-player experiences. And, they can make you unsociable and self-centered.

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