Win at Refer & Earn Leaderboard in Adda52 Rummy

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Win at Refer & Earn Leaderboard in Adda52Rummy

It’s tempting to ignore the season of offers. The offer of refer and earn leaderboard from adda52 rummy is certainly one such chance to grab.

It is simple and reward is impressive. Just introduce a friend and you earn 5,000 bonus chips. You can earn more by referring more friends. If you are enterprising and succeed in making 30+ to become members, you get an additional Rs 5,000 worth Amazon voucher.

“I have a large circle of friends and most of them are rummy players. I have set a target of 50 and will be able to enroll friends. Some of them are finding it difficult to play in clubs because of frequent police raids. They are looking out for alternatives. I will ensure that they log into adda52 rummy.” 30-year-old software engineer Amar says.

“Many of my friends had bad experience on some sites and they are scouting for alternatives. I will share my wonderful experience on adda52 rummy and get them back into the game under refer a friend scheme. I think I will achieve my target,” adds the techie with confidence on his face 🙂

How to Refer and Earn at Adda52 RummyWin at Refer & Earn Leaderboard in Adda52Rummy

The entire process of registering is very easy.  For getting the referral benefit, your friend/referee should use the link shared by you to register. The bonus earned by referring friends will be reflected in your balance. Real cash chips will get unlocked once loyalty points are earned. 

  • You can avail the refer and earn leaderboard bonus immediately after the person purchases a minimum of 50 real cash chips and participates in the one real cash game.
  • The more the player plays, you stand to gain under the scheme.  For every 100 loyalty points each generated by your friend, 20 real cash chips would be automatically credited into your account. The same could be used by you to play on cash tables.
  • However, you cannot withdraw the bonus amount earned through loyalty points. Also, one cannot earn more than 5000 chips from one referral. 
  • Whether there are advantages with loyalty points? Certainly, it is beneficial. The release of locked bonus gets hastened with earning of more loyalty points. Special tournaments on adda52 rummy have loyalty point criterion for free entry. There will be scope for converting instant bonus and locked bonus during special promotions.
  • To earn loyalty points, players will have take part in real cash games like Points Rummy, 101 pool, 201 pool & Best of Three Rummy.
  • Winners are purely based on number of referrals done by a particular user
  • As adda52 rummy believes in fair play and prevent misuse of offers, it has set certain conditions to avail the benefits
  • No player can have more than one account in adda52 rummy. One should agree to terms and conditions at the time of registering
  • This promotion is valid from March 1st to March 30th. Besides, bonus allocation is a sole discretion at Adda52 Rummy. If any fraudulent play found, the company reserves right to suspend the account

Why delay get cracking. Find your friends and enroll them. Make yourself richer with bonus points and Amazon vouchers at adda52 rummy

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