Winning Tips While Playing Rummy on High Stake Cash Tables

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Winning Tips While Playing Rummy on High stake Cash Tables

We all love to get the word ‘winning’ attached to whatever we do in life. The game of rummy is also a part of that ‘whatever’. Whenever we play the game, the only thing that we want is winning it in any case. But does the win happen that effortlessly? Is it actually that easy to post a win in the game?

Well, the probable answer to all the above questions would be a straight NO, as to win a rummy game you really need to strategize your game plan, and especially if it is being played on high stake cash tables, you must have a few tips and tricks in mind to come as an achiever in the game.

High stakes table is the ultimate battleground for practiced rummy players who play on it to prove their expertise in the game. In such games, the entry fees are so high that many players typically quiver before joining the game.

If you also want to join the fun on a high stakes table, it is always better that you check your confidence level before start of the game by asking yourself these 2 questions:

  • Am I trained enough to participate in the high stakes rummy games?
  • Am I aware that I must have a solid bankroll to play such games?

If you play it right, you could surely strike gold and win a kismet, but if you make even a single blunder, there too probability is high that could let you lose a whole lot of your available funds.

Now, if you are in no doubt of playing at high stakes tables, you should follow some online rummy strategy tips and tricks to improve your chances of winning. A few of such tips and tricks are coming your way one-by-one. Take a look.

No to over-confidence

This is undoubtedly rule number 1. See, confidence surely holds the key to get you success in high stake rummy games, but that doesn’t mean you get over-confident because of this. You may witness many players who win the first few high stake rummy games and then over-confidence strikes their head. And due to this over-confidence, they exceed the bankroll that they have fixed for playing rummy and ultimately lose them. So, it is really important for you to stay cool and calm despite winnings and keep improving on your skills and strategies.

Dude, what’s the right time to drop?

The answer to this highly sought after question would depend on the scenario that you are in while playing on high stake rummy tables. It is actually quite critical to decide whether you want to play the game or opt for first drop. You are required to cautiously monitor the odds of winning with the hand you are dealt with. If you’ve got very bad starting hands, it is best advised for you to drop immediately without giving it a second thought. If the case is different where your opponent picks lots of cards from the open deck, there is strong indication that your opponent is quite close to winning the game. You need to regularly investigate the odds of winning while playing and drop straight away when things get out of your way.

Read mind of your opponent

As we all know that reading minds is an art. If you have it in you, nothing like it as far as the game of rummy is concerned. Though it is not at all easy for a rummy player to keep a check on the opponents what is running in their mind, but this is where you have to bring that art of observing and studying people’ minds. Observe their habits, playing style and game strategy which will help you make changes to your own playing style. This strategy is highly effective when you play high stakes cash rummy games.

Managing the bankroll is highly important

Always keep this point in mind whenever you play high stake rummy games, that you are not playing the game with the intent to recover your money. Since the entry fees are quite high in these games, chances are, you might lose a huge amount of your wealth in a small time. Play with your mind open that will give you an indication to stop when you are running low on your bankroll. Playing with the intent to recover your losses is not advisable at all.  You just need to learn how to manage your bankroll while playing high stakes.

In short we can say those who play rummy have to think like a mathematician. You can not simply sit back and play high stakes relying on your luck. There are calculations that are required to make you a winner, especially in high stake rummy games.

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